can you guess what i'm sewing from this pic?

Well you people are pretty smart, so you probably can.  It's going to be my next post.  Maybe my next two or three posts actually, since I'm thinking of including a bias tape tutorial.  There's always room on the internet for another tutorial, isn't there?  The internet's pretty roomy, I hear.  Anyways, here's a hint: the next project is related to this stuff:

In case you can't tell, that's baby food, of the homemade variety.  Score points for this tired mommy!  Now it's one of the laws of nature that Teresa Can't Cook.  I mean I can put together some spaghetti or a casserole, and I can whip up a yummy breakfast if I have the time and energy.  But I'm talking about real cooking, the kind my husband does.  The kind that requires intuition, patience, a true love of the ingredients that go into the final dish.  I have those qualities, but only for my daughter and my crafting.  Food is just annoying to me.  My stomach is annoying.  Always crying out for more.  It feels as though I spend half my life slumped against the open fridge or pantry door, looking at the shelves stuffed full of ingredients, and thinking "there's nothing to eat in this house".   Sigh.  And I never can seem to plan ahead for a meal, so suddenly, in the middle of something important, my stomach is screaming at me for food.  So annoying.  Are you like that?  Am I the only one?

Anyways, baby food.  So I can't cook, but I can operate a blender.  And steam veggies.  And that's all you need to do to make your own baby food.  Because I'm a bad mommy, I skipped doing this for the longest time and just fed her pre-packaged stuff, or sat for 20 mins chopping up into tiny tiny bits whatever I was eating that meal.  But eventually I realized that having a ton of food already on hand means at least I don't have to go through the slumping sighing routine with Lila's meals.  And let me tell you, that girl is what I call a "good communicator," which is my nice way of saying that she will shatter mirrors with her screaming if left sitting hungry in a highchair.  So voila!  A huge array of healthy wholesome food, ready to fill up her belly.  

I spent all day, from early morning to late at night, steaming and blending and mixing and freezing.  A whole day people.  Didn't stop to clean, to craft, to relax, didn't even get a shower.  And I used every available container around here.  Those heart shaped things are ice cube trays from Ikea.  And just look at that yummy grape, strawberry and plum mix.  Oh yeah, I break baby food rules left and right.  But she's allergic to dairy and soy, so the kid's gotta eat something.  Strawberries, oranges, chocolate, cinnamon, corn, pork, rye, tomatoes, egg whites, shellfish, mango, melon, wheat, she's had 'em all.  Bad mommy.  At least I haven't given her honey or peanuts yet.  

Mr. Sippy Cup is okay with my parenting.  Look at him, beaming smiles of approval at me.  And I filled him with an orange mango mix.  Lila loves it.  :)

Stay tuned to find out what I've been sewing, and for the free pattern and tutorial to follow!

Best Wishes,


  1. Look at you! Here you are making all this delectable food and now Elise is basically only eating jar food. You've inspired me to get back in the kitch! Nice job, mama, nice job!

    1. Well let's just out the truth here. I've basically given up on cloth diapers, so to soothe my mommy conscience, I turned to making food. But I'm glad my guilt has inspired you!